What is ONEXYS?

Online Experiences for Yale Scholars (ONEXYS) is an online summer program that provides quantitative instruction for incoming first-year students. ONEXYS allows students to prepare for the rigors of quantitative study without leaving their homes or giving up valuable summer jobs, research opportunities, athletic competitions, or other pursuits. It is an experimental, cutting-edge program designed for experimental, cutting-edge scholars, and will accelerate your academic transition to Yale and provide you with access to a supportive group of peers and mentors before you ever set foot on campus! 

What will I learn in ONEXYS?

You will learn some math, that’s for sure. But you are going to learn more than that. You are be talking to people starting at Yale, just like yourself. You will be talking to coaches who understand what it takes to succeed at Yale. And you will have the chance to interact with some Yale professors. The bottom line is that you are going to learn a lot about yourself and how to make it at Yale. It’s more than just math!

How is the program structured? 

Every week you will be watching videos that will introduce a different topic. These topics may be something you’ve seen before. After the video, you will practice what you saw by doing some problems online. These problems will be similar to what you might see when you take introductory chemistry, physics, or economics course. We’re going to challenge you! But we’re also going to provide a lot of support. We will have a network of coaches that will meet with you every week online and work to help you out when you get stuck.

Where does ONEXYS meet? Do I need to travel?

ONEXYS participants and coaches meet online! From the kickoff event all the way to the last module, you will be meeting with your coaches and peers online in the tools and platforms Yale provides to you. There is no travel involved, and you can complete this program right from your kitchen table, favorite spot at the library or wherever you have internet access! 

When does the class meet? 

Your ONEXYS coach will schedule your meeting time when it is most convenient for your group. 

Will I receive academic credit for ONEXYS?

Nope. This is play purely for the “love of the game.”

What are the technical requirements?

Internet access and a computer or tablet with a webcam.

When does ONEXYS start and end?

We will start informally in mid-June.  But things will heat up around July 1st when we unveil the first piece of math content. We will wrap things up around August 14th. ONEXYS students can expect to devote between 5 and 10 hours a week to the program while it is underway.

How much does ONEXYS cost?

ONEXYS is free—you just need a computer and internet access to engage with your professor and peers!